Mr. Bachelor

Mr. Bachelor: The Continued Misadventures of Roland Montgomery

Having moved out of his grandmother’s basement and into his own apartment, Roland Montgomery continues to be a victim of his own making, suffering through misadventures more outrageous than any experienced in BROKEN. In the ongoing saga of this recent divorcee, MR. BACHELOR follows the trials one man must face to regain his dignity in the eyes of his children, his family, and the world at large. And Roland’s story cannot be told without exploring his endless troubles in the dating world. The dates are wilder, the women are stranger, and the stakes are higher. This “dramady” promises to stoke your sympathies while forcing you to laugh throughout each one of Roland’s uncanny episodes. Will the uncontrollable circumstances of life guarantee Roland’s failure to establish himself in a bachelor’s world, or will all that was once BROKEN finally be fixed?

A Roland Montgomery Tale

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