It’s Just A Damn Date!!!

It's Just A Damn Date: Why We Expect Too Much Too Soon

There’s an old Taoist philosophy, “The more you go in search of an answer, the less you will understand.” So how do you find the love of your life? YOU DON’T! A successful relationship is not something you can actively seek and expect to find, according to author Tariiq Omari Walton. With It’s Just A Damn Date, Tariiq breaks through all the complexities, expectations, and agendas placed on the matter of dating, and offers hope and enjoyment through simplicity. It’s Just A Damn Date is filled with dating and courtship scenarios, comprehensive examinations of relationship-building challenges, and reflective advice that forces you to take an honest look in the mirror and deconstruct the way you have traditionally approached dating. “Insightful, spellbinding, and down right hilarious,” It’s Just A Damn Date places you on the path to healthier relationships through better self-understanding and by recognizing the true purpose of dating…

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