Crystal’s Tears

Crystal's Tears

Thirty-two, single, and perimenopausal with a window of only 18 months to conceive, kindergarten teacher Wanda Roberts scares away every man she meets. With time running short, Wanda decides to turn to one of her best friends, the recently single Malik Townsend, to be the father of her child. Unfortunately for Wanda, Malik secretly desires the affection of their mutual friend, Deanna. A beautiful marketing executive with a tendency to stutter when upset, Deanna Barnes loves the company of her two best friends. But she would love even more to break through the glass ceiling at her job and to avoid witnessing the freaky escapades of her swinging parents. Shallow desires gain deeper meaning in this twisty tale of friendship and changed circumstance. CRYSTAL’S TEARS demonstrates how the things we cannot foresee often guide our reality, and our destinies are rarely independent of the people with whom we surround ourselves.

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