Broken: The Misfortunate Misadventures of Mister Roland Montgomery

Grandma’s basement can be a healthy refuge when a divorce leaves you with no job, no home, little confidence, and a car that does not drive in reverse; not to mention a dog with a limited short-term memory. In Broken, we follow recent divorcee, Roland Montgomery,on his misadventures through the contemporary dating world and a life without his ex-wife, Tonya, and their two children,Davon and Mai. This hilarious romp through Roland’s life will have you cheering for the underdog, shaking your head at many unbelievable occurences,and laughing until it hurts. In Broken, there’s a chance meeting with the unexpected around every corner, making it nearly impossible for one man to regain his lost dignity. Experience this “dramady” and discover if Roland Montgomery will ever escape life’s lowly basement!

A Roland Montgomery Tale

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